Bayphoto Maple Prints

As most people who admire art have said, “There’s nothing like the final print.” prints have a special place in the home and in our lives. In this blog post, we will discover different ways you can display and print your art.

1. Metal and Metal Mosaic Prints

Metal prints are prints printed directly onto a sheet of metal in the size you choose. You can even have the photo printed directly printed onto the metal, or you can have the photo  overlaid onto the print. You can even have a collection of photos printed as a mosaic, or have your photo broken up into various sheets.  If you want to learn more and get prices for metal prints check out

2. Maple Wood Prints

I recently had a photo printed on maple wood by and it turned out really nice. It’s basically what the product name says. You can choose a border and you get to choose a white finish or a natural finish.  To learn more check out

3. Glass Prints

I recently saw on  Facebook that there is a company that will print your photo onto glass and it comes with a really simple mounting system. Unfortunetly, I do not know the company’s name off hand but when I find it I will edit this post to include it.

Voice your opinion! Which of these options do you find most intriguing? Have you ever used one of these methods to print your photo? If so which one and how did it turn out? Thanks.

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