Photography books are a great source of knowledge for any photographer. This blog post highlights five books that would make a great adition to any photographer’s bookshelf.

1. “The Creative Fight” by Chris Orwig

“The Creative Fight” is a book by photographer and instructor Chris Orwig that teaches creative professionals, specially photographers how to be more creative and live a more fulfilling life. The book has several chapters dealing with the idea of creativity. It’s a perfect adition to your bookshelf. You can buy the book from Amazon at this link:

2. “From Oz To Kanas” by Vincent Versace

“From Oz TO Kanas” by Vincent Versace  is a photography book written a few years ago about digital ways to convert photos to black and white. It deals with conversion techniques with plugins, Photoshop, and Lightroom. It’s a must have for any one looking to delve into black and white photography. Amazon link is:

3. “Creative Visualization For Photographers” by Rick Sammon

This book by Rick Sammon deals with the basics of photography, including topics like light, composition, and exposure along with other important topics when dealing with photography. You can pick up the book at Amazon with this link:

4. “The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Book For Digital Photographers” by Scott Kelby

This book on Lightroom is a great start for those wanting to learn the program. Scott Kelby is the CEO of a company for teaching photography, Photoshop, and Lightroom. He has authored several books on digital photography and is a top seller on when it comes to photography books. You can purchase his book at:

5. “The HDR Book” Edition 2 by Rafael Concepcion

HDR is a technique that combines multiples exposures into one exposure for more dynamic range. In this book RC walks you through the process of taking and processing HDR images using modern techniques. You learn more about RC’s book at this link:

Have you personally bought any of these books? What did you think about them? What other books do you think our audience would be interested in. Please let us know by commenting on this post

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