Social media may seem daunting at first, but it can have a huge impact on the growth of your business. In this article, we look at why social media is important to your business and how you can get started using it.

Why Should I Use Social Media?

Social media is a great way to connect with potential clients and keep tabs on what is going on in your industry. Also if you want to be sneaky, you can also use it to keep tabs on your competitors.

How To Get Started

Each social media platform is different, but generally the signup process is the same. You need to fill out a form verifying your age and email address. Later in this article, I will go into further detail on how to get started on various platforms and the benefits of each.

A Look At Top Social Networks


Facebook is a fantastic way to stay in touch with your friends and family, but if used correctly you can leverage it to work for your business. Some benefits of Facebook include the ability to have personal and business pages, so you can keep your work life and personal life apart. Also, you can put different people in various lists and share only to that list of people. Another benefit of Facebook, is the ability to tag people in images, this way when you upload a photo of a client, you can tag them and have them be notified by a Facebook alert.


Twitter is a fast passed social network, but don’t let that scare you. Twitter is a great tool for connecting with clients and other photographers. The notion behind Twitter is to create updates containing 140 characters or less. Some benefits of Twitter include the ability to send @ tweets to various people or a singular person. An @ tweet, is a tweet directed to a certain person or a group of people. Also, Twitter allows you to embed photos and videos in your tweets without the user having to go to an external website. This is great for sharing photos without the user having to leave Twitter.

Google Plus

Google Plus works by putting different people in different circles, from which you can share certain updates. The good thing about circles is that if you want only certain people to see a particular update, it’s fairly easy to set your sharing setting for this. Also, another advantage of Google Plus is the ability to start and join hangouts. Hangouts are basically a video chat with up to 10 people, they can also be recorded as well which is called Hangouts on air.

Tips For Using Social Media.

Post Relevant And Engaging Content

By staying relevant, you can be sure that people following you will be more interested in what you have to say.

Be Personable

Sounding like a robot is a mistake that many people make when starting out with social media. What I mean by this is, don’t be over promotional and unoriginal with the content you produce for these social media sites.

Other Social Networks

Some other good social networks include, which is an online community for sharing and commenting on photos.

Additional Resources

Check out for courses on using various social media like Facebook and Twitter, along with various videos on how to use software. is a great resource for learning about web apps and social media sites like the ones mentioned in this blog post.

Voice Your Opinion! So what do you think? Is social media worth your time? Which social platforms are you on?