As people, we are visual creatures, we love seeing photos of our kids, family, pets, and other topics. Imagine what would happen if we suddenly lost those memories; the windows to our lives. Wouldn’t we be devastated? In this post, I highlight the importance of backing up your images and how to go about doing so.
Sadly the reality is that most people do not take the time to back up their precious memories to multiple locations.

Why you need to Back Up Your Photos

Like aforementioned, photos are more than just pretty picture where are a part of who we are. They are a way to document the  events in our lives. Secondly, hard drives are known to expire and crash on a regular basis and if you do not back up your photo it is likely you may not be able to retrieve them after a disaster.

How To Back Up Your Photos

The first thing I would recommend is that you have two external hard drive. This is not only a good idea to save space on your internal hard drive, but you can also back up to it as well. The first one will be for storing your photos outside your computer’s internal space and the second as a backup if something were to happen to your primary hard drive. I would also recommend that you have another hard drive or your second hard drive, be in an another location such as, your office building and another one in your home if you have that option.

Steps To Backing up 

1. Using An External Hard Drive:

Usually with external hard drives, there’s a CD included to allow you to back up your entire computer to an external hard drive, but most likely under additional setting you can select only certain folders to back up even external hard drive folders, as long as the hard drive is connected to your computer.

2. Backup to the cloud:

The cloud is a popular solution for backing up your photos and one company that I recommend is, but there are many others as well. The advantages of the cloud are that, your photos are stored remotely and backed up on a regular basis, as long as, you use a reliable company. Also, many companies such as have apps that let you access your photos on the go from your smartphones and tablets. The downside to the cloud is that your photos are on a public server can are potentially at risks of being hacked or misused. So what can you do to make yourself safer if you do not trust public servers? Well, you can use a private server or cloud-connected hard drive such as MYCloud by Which allows you to set up your own personal cloud and have the peace of mind, that your files are actually being backed up.

3. Mobile Photos:

Many people these days, are using their smart phones more and more to take photos. So how do you go about backing up these photos? PictureLife and Apple both have online cloud storage that will automatically backup your photos to the cloud for you so you don’t have to worry about backing them up yourself. Additionally, you can use Lightroom to sync your photos using Lightroom mobile and then you should be able to back up those photos to an external hard drive from within Lightroom.

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Extra Goodies:

Video on how to backup to an external hard drive within Lightroom and videos  demonstrating PictureLife and MyCloud.





Lightroom Backup To External Drive: