Lately, I have been getting comments from people telling me that they love my Black & White Photos. So, I decided to help others improve their black and white imagery by revealing my secret.

One of my first steps that I take for Black and Whites is after I take a photo of something in color, I also try converting it to black and white in Lightroom. If I happen to like the results, I sometimes go ahead and process the image using Lightroom’s black and white settings, but more often I process the image in color and then use a plugin called Silver Effects Pro by Nik Software which is owned by Google. Basically, Sliver Effects Pro is one of the many plugins, by Nik Software for adding creative effects to an image. It comes with various presets, which you can adjust to your liking and even create presets off another preset. My go to presets are High Contrast and one called Wet Rocks. After applying a preset to an image in Silver Effects Pro, I usually add a coffee colored tint to the photo, along with an edge burn and a vignette. Then it is just a matter of hitting the done button and it syncing the settings back to Lightroom.

Some tips for taking black and white images are looking for images with a high level of contrast, as this makes the foreground stand out from the background. Also, in your camera’s setting there should be a setting for taking photos in Black and White mode; the only downside to that though, is that you are limiting your tonality range by a lot. I suggest doing the black and white conversion in Lightroom or in Silver Effects Pro. Nonetheless, it’s good for previewing what your image might look like in black in white after you process it.

Below is a short video introduction for Silver Effects Pro.

Let me know if this process has been helpful in improving your black and white imagery by commenting on this post. Thanks.

Featured Image Credit: Nik Collection By Google