My Story

For several years now, I have been battling with depression.

When I first started photography a couple of years ago, I joined a photography online forum where people gave me some negative feedback on my photos. Though, the feedback was mostly constructive in nature, it still was more than I could handle at the moment. For as long as I have had depression, I have been desperately searching for a meaning for my life. I still remember tearing up some of my printed photos, because I thought that they weren’t worthy of being shown to anyone and quite frankly, they were not my best pieces. Fast forward a few more years, I have on occasion considered giving up photography, because of the costs and the fact that I felt that no one appreciated my work. Sure people would comment on my photography, telling me that they loved a certain piece, but it just did not seem like enough. I had to aspire to something greater.

The Creative Dilemma

I personally think that one of our dilemmas as creatives is that we want to be good at what we do and we always want to be better. Sometimes, I think we just need to slow down and appreciate where we are currently. Everyone wants to have a purpose for their photography and life in general and when you see yourself as, not making progress it is easy to want to give up. I say though, that this is the point where quitting is not an option. Just think of how far you have come, “Do you really want to miss out on your dreams and passion?”

How I continue to be creative

It hasn’t been easy but, the aspiration of wanting something more is one of my motives to keep going. I think personally for me, one of my greatest motivators is that longing for a purpose. Also, I desperately want people to know about the beauty of this world and how I envision it. That is what inspires me to keep at it.

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